Room Measuring Guide

To ensure that we understand your space fully, we need exact measurements for your room. This room measuring guide will help you draw a basic floor plan by following the steps. Before you start you will need the following;

What you need to measure your space is:

  • An A4 piece of white paper

  • A Measuring Tape

  • Black Pen or Pencil

  • Ruler or any ruler like object to help you to draw straight
  • If your space is large, you will need a second person to help you

Step 1: Drawing the floor plan

Take your A4 piece of paper and draw a rough outline using your ruler of the shape of your room. When you are drawing this floor plan – please include all doors, windows, and doorways in it. You can see how a basic floor plan drawing should look like below here with the symbols we use for doors and windows. Please ensure you mark out which direction the door opens ie. left to right or right to left.

Jayne Nicola Interiors - Floor Plan 1

Step 2: Overall measurements

Next it is important to do the overall measurements of the room, please measure all your measurements in cm or mm. This is done by measuring the inside dimensions of the room. Please include in this the door and or doorway width (excluding architraves) and the window(s) width (excluding architraves). Please can you also make a note to the side of the floor plan the ceiling height of the room. This is all done first because it will help to ensure you measure everything else correctly.

Below is an example of what overall measurements look like. Please double check to make sure these measurements are correct by adding up all detailed measurements on each wall to make sure the number is equal to the overall measurement. If it doesn’t add up right, it may mean you probably measured something wrong. This double checking helps to make sure all your measurements add up.

Jayne Nicola Interiors - Floor Plan 2

Step 3: Measuring the details

Please next draw on your floor plan the location and measure the dimensions of any room details such as:

  • Fireplace and harth location
  • Radiators
  • Wall Lights, ceiling lights, pendants
  • Light switches, power sockets

Please see the examples below of how to show details onto your floor plan.

Once you have finished your floor plan drawing, including all the measurements – Please use either your smartphone or tablet to snap a picture of your drawing. Then either upload it onto your questionnaire or you can send it to us on the email, so we can get started with your project. 

If you have some other details of your space that you have found tricky to measure please do get in touch and we will help you measure them. 

Thank you for taking the time to measure your room and we look forward to helping make your dream home become a reality.